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Japan Users Association of Information Systems (JUAS)


Our purpose is to conduct surveys and research on the intensive use of IT in industrial activities (including management innovation), as well as its spread, awareness-building, and instruction, and to gather and provide information, thereby promoting improvements in the utilization of IT and thus contributing to the growth of Japan's industrial economy.

The Japan Users Association of Information Systems (JUAS) was founded for the purpose of looking at the increasing centrality of information from the viewpoint of companies that use IT (information systems) and pursuing IT that is integrated with corporate management.

A key focus of the association consists of forums and study groups that strive, via member interaction, to resolve the various problems that users within companies encounter when building their company's IT. But in recent years, we have earned great acclaim for our workshops tailored to user companies, such as timely, distinctive seminars that reach beyond our membership, basic workshops for new employees of companies, and practical workshops for officials in charge of next-generation IT.

The basis for those activities is the broad swath of companies, as most of the leading companies in various fields are participating, and the wealth of information that they possess. Uniquely Japanese IT group companies also constitute a strong backbone of this association. In addition, the JUAS performs commissioned inspections for the Privacy Mark(*) from the user companies' point of view, and it has earned the support of a large number of companies.

When the term “user association” is mentioned, the tendency is to paint a confrontational picture of the supply side, or the company providing the IT. But another major characteristic is that they build an amicable partnership on top of a certain sense of tension.

Meanwhile, we also take issues raised by members and conduct investigative research, partnering strongly with administrative arms such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry and with standardization bodies in Japan to fulfill a certain function.

* Privacy Mark System: In conformance with Japanese Industrial Standard “JIS Q 15001 Personal information protection management systems – Requirements,” this system certifies business operators, etc. who have developed a system for taking appropriate measures to protect personal information. It grants them a Privacy Mark attesting to that certification and approves the use of the Privacy Mark in connection with their business activities.


April 1962 Japan Data Processing Association founded
Founded as a forum where administrators and engineers involved in computer work in companies and organizations could exchange information, share research, and engage in mutual investigation.
Feb. 1981 Japan Data Processing Association (Incorporated) founded
Due to advances in computerization, the association was incorporated in order to clarify its role in society and its framework of responsibility.
July 1992 Expanded and completely reorganized into Japan Users Association of Information Systems (Incorporated)
In order to respond to the transformation in management and in the increasingly information-based environment, as represented by widespread computerization, the organization and its operational framework were restructured with the purpose of promoting the development of industrial information systems from the user’s standpoint.
April 2012 Changed to Japan Users Association of Information Systems (General incorporated association)



Regular member A 243
Regular member B 189
Regular member C 3673
Associate member 15

As of April 1, 2020



Chairman Takeo Obayashi           Representative Director Chairman, OBAYASHI CORPORATION
Executive Director   Hiroyuki Kikugawa            Japan Users Association of Information Systems

As of June 3, 2019