Member Activities

Study groups:

photoWe carry out lively discussions from two perspectives: “Topics for improving your level of everyday IT use” and “What to do now to promote industrial information technology growth with an eye to the future.”


We share information and exchange views from the same perspective on various topics relating to business and information.
A cornerstone of JUAS member activities, these forums are limited to user-type member companies. The activities are held in Tokyo and Kansai.



Research projects:

We recruit project members every April by advertising to association members. We form teams that include scholars and experts outside of our member companies as well, in a broad quest for views and knowledge.


Open seminars:

On the basis of thorough case studies and on-the-spot actual practice, we select topics unique to a user association, and our seminars receive rave reviews from participants.

Program for new and reassigned employees:

photoThis program has been carried out since FY 2010 with new and newly assigned employees in the IT departments of various companies.

Program for medium-sized firms:

We conduct systematic training courses such as the “IT-driven new service creation class,” which fosters the ability to create new services driven by IT.

Order-made seminars:

We coordinate consulting-style workshops tailored to fit the times and the relevant business environment.


Practical seminars helpful for work:

JUAS hosts ongoing seminars in which leading experts in various fields are invited as guest instructors. They discuss the knowledge and expertise needed in all sorts of scenarios, such as “IT application and use,” “From restructuring to IT development planning,” “Development and maintenance,” “Operation,” and more. All these seminars are available at a discounted price for members.

Developing innovation leaders:

photoThis is an effort that develops and supports personnel who can create new value using information and IT (CIO= Innovation leaders). The “Program,” which is the forum where we develop personnel, has been completed by130 people from terms 1 to 8. Also, through the “Community,” which is the forum for alumni interaction, and through investigative research and communication in the “Lab,” we are striving to spread and promote innovation management.

Overseas community:

(Currently under planning)


Improvement of your company’s development, use, and operation level by acquiring a survey-based standard value for IT administration and use:

Through study groups, research projects, and our survey business and committees, for example, we conduct surveys and research on a variety of topics relating to information systems. At the end of the fiscal year, the results of each activity are summarized in the form of reports.
Our members utilize the reports in all sorts of scenarios in the course of their daily work.


Acquisition of valuable information relating to the implementation of your company’s plan for developing personnel:

We support the strengthening of organizational power and comprehensive personnel development by utilizing such tools as Users' Information Systems Skill Standards (UISS). This is the benchmark for the purpose of understanding the optimal placement of information system functions within a company and the necessary human resources, as well as for appropriate personnel development.

Open Forums

JUAS Square:

Every September we hold a “JUAS Square” user conference, where participants can release and collect information in an interactive manner. We invite large numbers of people from management levels, business departments, IT departments, and the academic world and hold discussions with participants.


Security Center

 (Inspection and approval for the Privacy Mark)
As a designated Privacy Mark inspection body, we carry out Privacy Mark inspections. We strive to further the spread of security control technology such as Privacy Mark acquisition by user companies.

P mark