Research Results

■Business Strategy and IT Strategy(PDF:230KB)

  1. Innovation for business systems
  2. Evolution of business systems characteristics
  3. Strategic table

■Information Systems Organization and Skills Required(PDF:230KB)

  1. Establishment and frame work
  2. Activities and bibliography

■IT Investment and Cost Management(PDF:291KB)

  1.  IT budget vs revenue and operation cost
  2. Object of IT investment
  3. Evaluation for IT investment
  4. Cost allocation over system life span

■Information Systems for Global Business(PDF:170KB)

  1. Global integration of IT function
  2. Global data exchange and master data management

■IS Project Management(PDF:1,088KB)

  1. Process for software implementation
  2. Identification and revision of requirements and specifications
  3. Contract method and project management method
  4. Positioning of QCD and index of QCD value & satisfaction
  5. Productivity and cost of software engineering
  6. Systems down, fault, availability and high reliability
  7. Project management between the West and Japan

■QCD Management for Application Software Engineering(PDF:233KB)

  1. QCD management concept and expectation
  2. Positioning of QCD and quality target
  3. Essential index for software engineering

■Software Metrics for Software Engineering based on an Empirical Approach(PDF:539KB)

  1. Empirical approach for software engineering ( EASE )
  2. Relationship between man – month and period of implementation
  3. Relationship between man – month costs and productivity of implementation